Boroughbridge Community Library and Resource Centre

On April 1, a new era starts in Boroughbridge with respect to the library. From that date the library will be entirely staffed by volunteers who have been in training for many months and are now raring to go! Trustees (“committee”) are: Judith Burton, Helen Chester, Mike Collins, John Helliwell, Ian Hick, Nic Holmes and Barbara Horner, all of us working in partnership with NYCC who will continue to provide books, computers and some professional support.

Please note that the opening hours will be more or less the same as now; and we’ll be open every day except Sunday.

We have around 30 volunteers but are always on the look-out for more. How about getting involved? A job which would suit you can be found, without doubt!

Our aspiration is to make the library a community hub: a place where all sorts of interesting things happen and exciting events take place. This will take time but, if you have any ideas for activities and events, we’d love to hear from you; Barbara Horner is the person to contact (contact details through John).

Finally, we must mention the Jubilee Room upstairs in the library building. It’s an attractive room for hire at very good rates and can be booked at 1 Hall Square.

For further details, or to find out about volunteering in the library, please contact: John Helliwell, 01423 320731,

Brighter Boroughbridge News for March

The new gardening season began on Tuesday 28th February with volunteers tidying the Chatsworth Grove site. Pupils, under the guidance of their teacher, Theresa Pridmore, joined in and made an excellent contribution to the session.

Local traders have invested again in hanging baskets, ensuring a feast of delight in the summer and the troughs maintained by Fink, Bloomerang  and local residents, continue to look good.

The AGM was held a few weeks earlier and the decision was made to enter Yorkshire in Bloom again this year. We are still in the category of large village but that will all change when the proposed new housing developments are completed. Last year, in the summer judging, we were awarded silver gilt, only one step below gold. This was an excellent start but we are determined to do just as well this year.

There are plans to change the display at Stump Cross roundabout, which has flourished for two years, honouring those that died in WW1. The new display will require new, exciting wooden cut outs from JennyRuth Workshops but we are not going to reveal what that is to be just yet.

We are also going to have a board placed on the library wall, thanking local companies that helped us during 2016. It is hoped to have that up before the spring judging.

If you look around Boroughbridge and district you cannot fail to delight in the snowdrops and crocuses and soon the daffodils and blossom will be out and spring will be seen in all its glory.

Gardening sessions will intensify to two a week soon and we hope our volunteers will be able to make some of those. Even if they can only offer half an hour, it all helps.

If you would like to become involved with the group don’t be shy and don’t worry if you feel you know nothing about gardening. Everyone is welcome. Just contact John Goss at or ring 01423 323123

Grace Church Easter Holiday Bible Club

Grace Church in Boroughbridge is holding a ‘Treasure Hunters’  Easter Holiday Bible Club from 12th to 14th April at Kirby Hill C of E Primary School. Ages 5-11. Free!

10:00am-Noon Wednesday and Thursday

10:00am-1:00pm Friday with Easter Egg Hunt!

Please contact Grace Church Boroughbridge to preregister a place: or 07547 121061

Battlefield Trust Walk

Louise Whittaker from The Battlefield Trust  is leading a walk about the Battle of Boroughbridge 1322 on Sunday 19th March at 11.00am. The  walk is approximately two miles, and will take two hours. Meet at 11.00am at Hall Square. Further information is available from yorkshire@ or tel 01523 522133.

BCC Bingo Night

bingoCome along & support Boroughbridge & District Community Care at their Annual Bingo Evening at The Coronation Hall on Saturday 22nd April. Doors open 7pm, first call 7.30pm. There will be a bar. Tickets are limited, and cost £5 including supper, available from the BCC office or reserve by phone. 01423 324504. (Office open 9am to 12 noon).

Hightimers’ Next Production

“Now listen very carefully—I will say this only once!” The Hightimers next production is the comedy “Allo Allo” taken from the very popular television series of the same name. Set in a small cafe in war- time France, the hilarious (and risqué)plot, told by the beleaguered cafe owner René Artois, presents  riotous stereotypes of the French, British and German characters.

The comedy, written by Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft, will be performed at The Coronation Hall, Milby on Thursday 30th & Friday 31st March and Saturday 1st April at 7.30 pm. Tickets are available from The Post Office, Boroughbridge and DH & G
Treharne Chemist. A licensed bar is also available.

The Birds in Your Garden

Not only was winter 2015–16 the warmest ever for England and Wales, mostly due to exceptionally high temperatures in December 2015, it was also the wettest on record in Yorkshire.

Spring temperatures were more normal, being slightly below average in April and slightly above average in May. Rainfall during the breeding season varied dramatically between counties and months, with the heaviest rainfall in northern England and Scotland being limited to April. In July and August the trend reversed, with above average rainfall in the north but exceptionally dry conditions in the south, where summer temperatures were also above average.

All of this meant that it was a mixed year for our resident birds. A lot depended upon the time of year they chose to try to breed. Blue Tits in particular produced below average clutch sizes which led to a reduced number of chicks being fledged, and Great Tits did little better. With total numbers down by a tenth and the number of young they produced last year down by over a third, Blue Tits in particular, are having a hard time. This has been apparent in our gardens since with lower numbers around than usual.

The mild winter of 2015–16 with little or no snow cover, meant that ground feeders such as Song Thrushes, Robins and Dunnocks, as well as Wrens, which are all particularly sensitive to harsh winter weather, survived in larger than usual numbers. Again this is apparent in most of our gardens, although Song Thrushes are still far from common.

Blackbird data suggest that the number of fledglings in 2016 was around 20% lower than average too, though at the moment with migrants from central Europe still here, the effect is difficult to assess.

Yet again there was a late start to the breeding season. Laying dates for six resident passerines, including both Blue and Great Tit, were delayed by between five and ten days in 2016, with low temperatures in early spring being the most likely cause. House Sparrows, which unlike most tits make several breeding attempts, may well have taken advantage of the fine late summer weather to produce a greater than average number of fledglings.

BTO results reveal that 17 out of the 24 bird species followed by their Nest Recording Scheme exhibited significant decreases in productivity in 2016
relative to the average of the previous five years. For some of these species (Blue Tit, Blackbird) a reduction in the number of young successfully fledged may be responsible for this decline; for the Blue Tit the mechanism appears to have been a reduction in clutch size, this being the lowest recorded since in 1939. Other surveys suggested that the wet conditions mid-summer also reduced post-fledging survival rates, mainly due to less food being around for these largely insectivorous species.

With a cold snap on its way, keep a sharp eye on your garden; you never know what might turn up!

If you find the lives of our garden birds to be of interest, and would like to join in and count the feathered occupants of your garden, please contact me or visit the BTO Garden BirdWatch website ( If you know of a local organisation who would like a talk on garden birds call: Mike Gray 07596 366342 or