Brighter Boroughbridge News

Butter MarketBrighter Boroughbridge has received a very favourable report from the Yorkshire in Bloom spring judging. It particularly highlighted the group of volunteers, working with the schools and the Allotment Society. The latter have grown bedding plants from seed, for Brighter Boroughbridge, and their efforts can now be seen in the Primary School’s Millennium garden and Chatsworth Grove.

Hazel and John went away for three weeks so there was a lull in activity. Whilst they were away, enjoying sunshine, rain poured here and the weeds flourished. Now is the time to pull them out and we need as many people as possible to help.
Not everyone was sitting back enjoying sunshine. Harrogate Parks Department has been busy preparing and erecting the lovely hanging baskets that now festoon our town. Some are supplied free, but traders, the WI, The Crown Hotel and the local council have bought twenty-five, between them.

The efforts made by the Chamber of Trade to decorate shop fronts and the fountain with bunting and Union Jacks, for the Queen’s birthday have been appreciated and it helps us to become a closer community and to feel proud of our town.
Finally I ask for this pride to continue so that on Friday July 15th it looks tidy, clean and neat for the summer judging. This is something everyone can do, for they look all around the town and at front gardens.

If you would like to join Brighter Boroughbridge please ring John or Hazel at 01423 323123 or e-mail

Victorian Picnic Concert

image024A Victorian Picnic Concert will take place on Thursday, July 7 at 6pm in the grounds of Aldborough Museum. There will be a tour of the museum grounds, led by Andrew Lawson-Tancred, starting at 6.15pm . Music will be provided by Hautbois Heritage, singing and playing on authentic instruments, with scene setting vignettes to put the songs into context.
The Rallentando Trio will complete the musical offering, playing a selection of Victorian string music.
Tickets are £15 (including entry to the Museum Site)
Available from The Fruit Basket, High St, Boroughbridge, and through the Yore Vision website

New Vicar Welcomed

image022We are very pleased to welcome
The Rev Dr Diane Westmoreland to Boroughbridge.
Diane has been appointed Vicar of the Joint Parishes of Boroughbridge, Aldborough, Roecliffe, Dunsforth and Minskip

Walkers are Welcome 2016 Northern Get-together

image026On a warm sunny day recently delegates from 20 northern towns, all members of the Walkers are Welcome towns network, descended on the pretty village of Great Ouseburn in the Vale of York for their regional get-together.
The day was organized and hosted by the Boroughbridge WaW group and was attended by over 45 people from town teams throughout the north.
They enjoyed a ‘Walk with the Brontes’ in lovely sunshine. Listened to 2 presentations on ‘designing, setting up, and funding a new walk’ and ‘What can be done with the WaW national website’.
In between all this, the delegates talked to one another and picked up many ideas to take home with them.
For more information, please go to

Yore Vision is here to help you!!

Has your club or group got a project that need funds or a bit of help?
Yore Vision is a Community Group which can access funding
We have helped the community in lots of ways – the electronic screen and projector at Coronation Hall, the Film Society, new state of the art projector to loan to groups, Ure Music.  The Family Cycle Ride and Walkers are Welcome started as a Yore Vision Projects, before becoming independent.
Talk to us.  We can’t help if we don’t know!
Can we become a Families Welcome and a Cyclists Welcome town?
We are waiting to hear from you – ring 01423 325808, e-mail or go to the Yore Vision website and fill in an enquiry form.

New Coaches Needed

image010Could you be a junior football coach?
If the answer is yes (or even maybe) then get in touch. Boroughbridge Juniors is a forward-thinking and rapidly growing Football Association Charter Standard Club. The club would love to hear from anyone interested in becoming a FA qualified coachor someone who holds the qualification and wants to get back into football. The club will pay fees to take the FA Level One qualification and support new coaches with mentoring from experienced coaches at the club if needed. We require coaches for boys, girls anddisability teams.
Please email
or contact Chris on 07764 775130 for full details.

The Bee Swarming Season has Arrived!

image012Swarming is the colony’s way of reproducing:  about half the hive bees will leave with the queen and settle on a tree or fence near-by, looking like a hanging rugby ball. The bees may stay there for a few hours or even a few days until “scout” bees find them a suitable new home.
The remaining bees wait for a new queen bee to develop and become mated, then the new young colony will develop.
Experienced bee keepers will recognise the sign of an impending swarm and will take steps to control it, so they do not lose their bees and you don’t have a colony of bees taking up residence in your chimney!
A swarm collection service, covering our area, is run, free, by Harrogate and Ripon Beekeepers Association.  Please contact 07826 307306

The New Boroughbridge Town Council

As a result of the local election held on May 5, the new Boroughbridge Town Council is:
Mayor – Peter Phillips (Mayoress Pauline Phillips)
Deputy Mayor – Robert Young (Deputy Mayoress Janet Young)
Graham Archer, Sean Hynes, Julie Fuller, Monika Kaczmarczyk, Kenny Fuller, Jamie Wilkinson, Iain Maltby, Robert Windass, John Goss