Secret Gardens of Boroughbridge

Secret GardensBrighter Boroughbridge’s next event will be the ‘Secret Gardens’ on Sunday 14th August from 10am to 4pm.

Among the open gardens will be 20 belonging to BBD helpers! Entry to all gardens is by a single ticket of £5, available on the day from Hall Square.

Marie Curie Appeals for Key Volunteers

Marie Curie is appealing for volunteers in the Boroughbidge area to take on key roles within a new fundraising committee that will meet on a monthly basis and cover the YO51 area. The roles that the charity is specifically looking for are a Community Ambassador, Event Coordinator and Event Helpers.

Community ambassadors would need to give up a few evenings every other month to go into schools, associations such as rotary clubs and churches to speak about the work of Marie Curie Cancer Care and its team of dedicated nurses does and how people can access this care.

An Event Coordinator would be responsible for planning out the group’s event activities, generating ideas from the group and delegating out actions such as booking venues and sourcing raffle prizes.

Event helpers would be needed to help at the group’s events every couple of months – with duties such as welcoming guests, helping serve refreshments and preparing rooms for events.

Hannah Saxon Community Fundraiser said, “We need people with a broad range of skills to help us with our local fundraising activities, from people with the gift of the gab right through to organisers who can come up with event ideas. We also need as many helpers as possible, so if you think you’ve got a couple of hours a month that you’d be able to give to support the local Marie Curie nursing service please get in touch.”

All money raised by the group is to provide high quality nursing care to terminally ill patients, totally free, in the local area.

If you think you have a few hours spare every few weeks and would like to get involved with the fundraising group, please contact Hannah Saxon Community Fundraiser 01904 755260 or email

Boroughbridge Freeman Honoured

gcraggsGeoff Craggs received the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s 90th Birthday Honours List ‘for voluntary service to the community of Boroughbridge over a long period’.

Geoff was born in Minskip, Boroughbridge on 6 January 1932. He has lived in Boroughbridge all his life apart from 2 years in the RAF as a radar mechanic from 1950 – 1952. In 1963 he set up his own TV and Electrical company in Boroughbridge and this business, together with 2 other branches in Ripon and Easingwold, is now in the hands of his two sons, John and Stephen, and is still thriving today.  Geoff was awarded the Freedom of Boroughbridge in 2012 for services to the community.  Helped in his many and varied activities by his wife Betty and numerous other people and friends, Geoff is currently President of the BB Branch of the British Legion.

New Project for Historical Society

With the Dog Kennel Lane project completed, Boroughbridge and District Historical Society is now looking at an ambitious new venture, the writing of a book on the history of Boroughbridge. This is something that members have expressed an interest in, and the society would now like local residents to come forward if they would like to be involved in the writing, or if they have any resources that they feel would help with the writing (e.g. old photos, family recollections etc.). Mike Tasker has drawn up a list of possible areas to research and he has agreed to lead on the project. More information is available on the society’s website at

If you feel you would like to investigate any aspect of the history of our town or could be involved in any way, please do get in touch. You do not have to be a member of the society. We must stress that you do not need to be an experienced writer or professional historian to be involved! This is an inclusive venture and anyone with enthusiasm is welcome.  For more information, or to get involved, please contact  or 01423 322862.

Thoughts on “Safer Neighbourhoods”

From the point of view of living in safety, the Boroughbridge area is one of the safest in the UK: our crime rate is exceptionally low. There’s a humorous, local view that it’s all down to PC Neil Waite, our popular and well-respected guardian of law and order (who is not far from retirement, by the way!); but that’s only true in part….

No one knows why Boroughbridge is a haven of peace and tranquillity compared with many other towns. One contributory factor is perhaps an effective Safer Neighbourhood Group (SNG). “What’s SNG?” It’s a group of people, including representatives of the police, fire service, neighbourhood watch and the local councils, who meet twice a year to mull over issues of law and order. The SNG is currently chaired by County Councillor, Nick Brown, strongly backed by secretary, Jim Bolland, and meets in the Jubilee Room

You may take the view that merely talking about crime is unlikely to deter local, would-be criminals (there are some, by the way; but they tend to maintain a low profile). However, support for the police and getting together to discuss “issues” of law and order is a significant factor in a community which, for most of the time, is law-abiding by consent.

The key, current priorities of North Yorkshire Police are:

•Rural crime – combatting crime which affects farms; mainly theft of machinery and stock

•Technology – which focuses on use of cameras (yes, drivers hate them, but it works!)

•Vulnerability – safeguarding children from abuse; not what one might expect, perhaps, but a comment on a serious social problem which also includes cybercrime, all too obvious from reports in the media

Police numbers are on the increase. The police were expecting 40% “cuts” but, since the Paris terrorist attacks, there has been considerable investment in recruiting. There are, for example, nationally many more armed officers, especially in London; but even in North Yorkshire there are now eight officers who are fire-arms specialists

A final point: anyone can attend the meetings of the SNG; you don’t have to be a police officer or local councillor. If you are concerned about any issue which touches on safety or law and order, please feel free to attend and have your say; you’d be most welcome.

John Helliwell

Transports of Delight

Local author, Sylvia Foxton, has published her new book, ‘Transports of Delight’. Sylvia has seen the sun rise over Machu Picchu and set over the Himalayas; set foot on Easter Island — the Falklands (twice), and visited the cell where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated.  Accommodation has included a grim basement in Berlin last occupied by the Gestapo, and a tent in the bush when the only protection from any marauding lion or straying hippopotamus seemed to be an Askari warrior with a bow and arrow!

The book costs £10.  P&P £3 extra.  For more details, please contact Sylvia Foxton, Beech View, Marton le Moor, Ripon, HG4 5AT.

2nd Boroughbridge Brownies

2nd Boroughbridge Brownies have had a fantastic time at a fencing workshop run by Simon Trevithick from Harrogate fencing club.  Brownies learnt many skills in this introduction to the sport with some girls deciding they would like to take up fencing.  We currently have spaces for any girls or adult volunteers who would like to join us in our adventures please visit or contact