Brighter Boroughbridge and District

Brighter Boroughbridge is looking forward to the new planting year but is uncertain whether it can emulate the successes of 2016.
Last year the group achieved silver gilt award in Yorkshire in Bloom and, with Boroughbridge Live, held the first, highly acclaimed, Secret Garden day.

The reservations are all to do with insufficient able bodied gardeners.
Every time an article is written there is a plea for help which, forgive the pun, falls on stony ground. We reiterate that a commitment needn’t be onerous. Helpers are not expected to attend every gardening session. Just an hour a week could make all the difference.
Boroughbridge is a delightful place to live and everyone should be proud to make visitors welcome to a beautiful, tidy, welcoming town.
So, where is the community spirit? Does it really only exist in the four or five active members? They are all retired and growing less able. An injection of younger, enthusiastic people could build on this great beginning.

You do not have to have gardening expertise, just a willingness to wield a trowel or spade.

If this plea is of interest to you please contact John Goss, or ring 01423 323123.