Photographic Competition

We are inviting our readers to submit photos for an exhibition to be held on Easter Saturday, 2016.  From these photos we will compile the 2017 LUN Calendar.
There will be different categories based on age groups:

  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • Over school age


Entry is limited to residents of the Lower Ure News distribution area, and three entries per household only, one per category.

Please include details of your full name, full address, telephone number and your email with your entry, and if applicable your school, plus a one sentence  description and location. eg. Morning Frost at the Devils Arrow.

Send Hi-Res .jpg file as an attachment to: – or postal entries to LUN Photo Competition, 1 Hall Square, Boroughbridge.
Files will need to be no smaller than 3000 (w) x 2000 (h) pixels at 300dpi in landscape format. If unsure please contact the editor and we will help in sizing/resizing.

Entry closes on January 31st 2016.
All entrants will be contacted during January 2016.

Entry gives Lower Ure News (LUN) permission to use your photo in the 2017 LUN Calendar, the monthly newsletter, the Spring 2016 LUN photography exhibition and other publications and prints organised by LUN, where the item/s are for sale for fundraising purposes no royalty will be paid to the author.