Boroughbridge Library (BACLA) Update

Since the article on the library appeared in the November issue of LUN, there has been a number of encouraging developments:
1. 21 people attended the “library volunteering” event arranged by NYCC on October 9 in the Jubilee Room
2. A meeting for new prospective volunteers to discuss the way forward, including training, has been convened for November 11, in the library
3. We are now actively moving towards incorporating a number of new volunteers into the BACLA Wednesday morning library rota for the period January-April
4. We are looking for local people who can run activities and interest-based sessions of all kinds in the library from the beginning of next year, initially on Wednesday afternoons. Please contact John Helliwell on 01423 320731 ( if you think this is something you might like to do as a volunteer, to give the library a broader base and make it what it needs to become: a “community hub”.