Update on our Library/Community Hub

image018Many of you will be aware that good progress has been made over the past few months in connection with “saving” our library. It’s now highly likely (as distinct from “quite possible”) the local library will become what is called a Category 3 Community Library by NYCC, in due course.
We have, during the first part of 2016, added a further six volunteers to the original team of twelve. We’re confident we can find several more volunteers between now and the time of taking over the running of the library, so that we can offer six-day opening.

image017I want to say something about the library becoming a “community hub” within the Boroughbridge area. That’s the idea: the library is intended to become a community facility, in a central place, where all sorts of interesting things happen: during the day and in the evening, throughout the week
Broadly speaking these “interesting things” are activities of one sort or another. There are scores of possibilities including whist, bridge, music, reading groups, IT, art, poetry, craft, book clubs, board games, dominoes, meetings of various local organisations, knit & natter, etc., etc.
Whether these would take place upstairs in the Jubilee Room or downstairs in the library proper is clearly a matter for discussion.
Here’s the main point: a community hub will only become such if enough people, groups and local organisations get involved! BACLA will manage the hub but its members can’t possibly provide all the activities as well as run the library and manage the Jubilee Room, that’s obvious!

From now on until the take-over date (yet to be determined) we are on the look-out for activity and interest group providers who want to book a slot in the hub .

John Helliwell (on behalf of the BACLA committee and volunteers)