The Bee Swarming Season has Arrived!

image012Swarming is the colony’s way of reproducing:  about half the hive bees will leave with the queen and settle on a tree or fence near-by, looking like a hanging rugby ball. The bees may stay there for a few hours or even a few days until “scout” bees find them a suitable new home.
The remaining bees wait for a new queen bee to develop and become mated, then the new young colony will develop.
Experienced bee keepers will recognise the sign of an impending swarm and will take steps to control it, so they do not lose their bees and you don’t have a colony of bees taking up residence in your chimney!
A swarm collection service, covering our area, is run, free, by Harrogate and Ripon Beekeepers Association.  Please contact 07826 307306