Brighter Boroughbridge News

Butter MarketBrighter Boroughbridge has received a very favourable report from the Yorkshire in Bloom spring judging. It particularly highlighted the group of volunteers, working with the schools and the Allotment Society. The latter have grown bedding plants from seed, for Brighter Boroughbridge, and their efforts can now be seen in the Primary School’s Millennium garden and Chatsworth Grove.

Hazel and John went away for three weeks so there was a lull in activity. Whilst they were away, enjoying sunshine, rain poured here and the weeds flourished. Now is the time to pull them out and we need as many people as possible to help.
Not everyone was sitting back enjoying sunshine. Harrogate Parks Department has been busy preparing and erecting the lovely hanging baskets that now festoon our town. Some are supplied free, but traders, the WI, The Crown Hotel and the local council have bought twenty-five, between them.

The efforts made by the Chamber of Trade to decorate shop fronts and the fountain with bunting and Union Jacks, for the Queen’s birthday have been appreciated and it helps us to become a closer community and to feel proud of our town.
Finally I ask for this pride to continue so that on Friday July 15th it looks tidy, clean and neat for the summer judging. This is something everyone can do, for they look all around the town and at front gardens.

If you would like to join Brighter Boroughbridge please ring John or Hazel at 01423 323123 or e-mail